I've been waiting for a few weeks now for the perfect opportunity to eat in the new Korean restaurant here in Jerusalem. and last night we finally did. it was my first time eating Korean food, and it was very special.

I ordered the Bibimbap, rice with raw vegetables and beef, on top of it a raw egg and some seasoning. It was all served in a hot plate, and it's all stirred right before eating.


And after:

The Korean restaurant, 13 Shamai street, Jerusalem

So low

This is my 4th year going to the dead sea seminar of the ID department. Every year we pack our tents, and go to the lowest place on earth and experience some low tech workshops. I used my cool hipstermatic and took some pictures to show you all! As you can see it's still summer in here..


The Salon

Two weeks ago I joined a very cool group of architects and designers, to compete in the 72 Hour Urban Action that took place in Bat-Yam. 10 groups of 12 designers from all over the world working non stop for 72 hours. each group got an area and a mission. Our area was The Salon - "The junction between three urban situations: a residential street, a neighborhood park, and a tree lined boulevard." and the mission - "Synchronize between the rich physical attributes and spares available users". I met 11 amazing people, and had so much fun! We didn't win, but we were sure proud of our awesome project!

Pictures by: Lee Winfield, Sagie Schwartz and Mor Arkadir


Milan's soundtrack

It was one cold morning at school. I was sitting, and working on my computer, feeling so bad and sick. Rebecca came to visit me and gave me some music. It was Jonsi's CD and I listened to it almost every day of my stay in milan. That way it became my Milan soundtrack. I miss you my dear Rivka!


The oldest Café

Le Procope, was founded by Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli in 1686 and it's the first place in Paris which served coffee. We went there one warm evening and had the best hot chocolate and coffee of our vacation.

Le procope, 13 Rue Ancienne Comedie 75006 Paris


Better late then never

I had my teeth fixed when I was 16, it made me look like the ultimate teenager and I hated it. My grandfather was born in 1929. A few months ago he went to the dentist which told him he might need to put braces. And he did. At the age of 81. It's never too late for anything.

And I got it back!

My sister and I just opened an Israeli fashion blog last week, and we are very proud and happy with it. a few days after we founded it we have met Karl Lagerfeld on the street. I think it is a sign from god, or at least fashion god. So just like that, I got my inspiration back.. no worries :)


Lack of inspiration

You would think Paris would be the most inspiring place on earth. Well, ever since I got here I almost didn't update my blog. Everything is so beautiful and so big that there is no room for anything else. So I decided to take all the photos I can, and sort them in Israel, where my life is pretty normal, and there is enough space for my thoughts.


Chocolate religion

This is a real vacation, not doing much, just eating and shopping. Just the way I like it. This is the Religieuse - the typical french religious cake..


Road trip to Paris!

We rented a car, packed too many suitcases (and didn't have much space to sit..) and took off to Paris! What could be better then that?